We strive to add value to your benefit choices by decreasing the HR workload and increasing employee comfort and satisfaction through an ideal combination of "high-tech/high-touch" and "low-tech/high-touch" services.

Toll-free telephone access.

Live Receptionist / Customer Service Representative answer our phone lines.

We encourage and expect your employees to call us directly with problems.

We maintain a hard copy individual file on each of your employees which contain copies of all enrollment forms, payroll deduction elections, claims assistance history and notes of other prior CSR actions. The immediate availability of data offered by these records empowers our Customer Service Representatives to solve problems faster and more effectively.

Dedicated (office based) Customer Service Representative is assigned to your account. Your employees speak with the same person each time they call.

We assist and troubleshoot problem claims. Your dedicated Customer Service Representative will persistently coordinate and resolve issues between patient, provider and carrier until claims are resolved and paid in accordance with plan benefits.

Dedicated (field based) Benefit Counselor is assigned to your account. For all geographically accessible employees, this Benefit Counselor will visit at least once a month to enroll your newly hired employees, one on one, face to face as we did at the annual open enrollment.

We offer state-of-the-art web-based electronic communication and enrollment (eElect) for geographically remote employees which is backed up with toll-free access to a Customer Service Representative.

All employees can access eElect platform at any time for detailed explanation of benefits and electronic or print benefit statements.

Dedicated Billing Specialist is assigned to your account. At the client's option, all bills from all carriers are sent to us. Each month we reconcile bills with eligibility events and aggregate the bills on spreadsheet format for payment.

We provide a spreadsheet of all new employees' payroll deductions monthly to your HR / Payroll Department.

We write COBRA letters on your behalf to terminated employees and monitor COBRA compliance.

At key decision points we design and conduct employee surveys to gauge employee expectations, attitudes, experience and satisfaction.

At the clients option we design and implement employee Wellness and Disease Management Programs which offer the dual advantage of helping to contain plan costs while promoting healthier lifestyles.

MSI Benefits Group mails a monthly newsletter to all management level decision makers within our client groups which addresses issues of topical interest in the realm of employee benefits and related legislative and regulatory trends.

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