An individualized Employee Handbook is provided to each employee by MSI Benefits
Group, Inc.

The cornerstone of our implementation strategy is that, whenever possible, employee benefit communications are conducted face to face, one on one. Effective communications lead to understanding which in turn results in enhanced employee satisfaction and appreciation.

However, the geographically dispersed employees of today’s global businesses often require multi-layered enrollment solutions. Consequently, we also offer a web based electronic communication and enrollment platform (eElect) that employees can access 24/7 from their home or office and a toll-free access call center in addition to the traditional “paper/ink” enrollment. We will tailor the approach to the needs of your work force.

The following list of MSI’s communication and enrollment services illustrates the cohesive and comprehensive approach that we take in order to achieve successful implementation of a suite of benefits.

Pre-Enrollment Announcement Letters - Provides employees advance notice of enrollment dates, core benefit changes, notice of available voluntary benefits, effective date of the renewal and personal data that they need to have available. This letter is crafted by us to carry the employer’s strategic message to the work force with regard to benefits.

Employee Benefits Handbook (see photo) - Customized and published for every new plan year by MSI and delivered during open enrollment to each employee. The Employee Benefits Handbook includes employer message, simplified benefit spreadsheets, plan design and cost information for the employees’ consideration in an easy to understand format as well as the actual insurance carrier brochures and other important HIPAA, COBRA, eligibility and claims assistance information.

Plan Comparison Spreadsheets - Summarizes benefit choices in an easy to read, easy to understand side by side format and accompanies the packet of formal carrier literature.

Section 125 Compliant Benefit Election Forms - Serves the dual purpose of illustrating the tax savings from the employer’s Section 125 Plan and enables employees to affirm their exact benefit selections and the associated cost.

Pre-Populate Enrollment Forms - For traditional “paper/ink” enrollments, we pre-populate all blank forms with the employee’s personal data which enables our Benefit Counselors to spend more time on questions and answers and less on filling out forms.

Employee Data Validation - In our highly mobile society it is a constant challenge for HR Departments to simply keep up with employee addresses, telephone numbers, life event changes, family status and other relevant personal data. We use open enrollment as an opportunity to review, update and correct employees’ personal information and share this data with HR.

Individual Meetings - Whenever circumstances allow, our salaried (non-commissioned) benefit counselors meet face to face, one on one with your employees to explain core and voluntary benefits, answer questions and record the employees’ benefit selections. We fill out the forms in accordance with the employees’ wishes for their signature.

Group Briefing - A Group Briefing provides the opportunity to explain the benefits package to small groups of employees and to reiterate the message of the Pre-Enrollment Announcement Letter. However, we try to avoid Group Enrollments. A group enrollment tends to inhibit employees from asking important questions especially as they might relate to personal health history or on-going claims and simply handing out a stack of blank forms for completion to a large group invariably creates a messy and inexact result. Thus we always follow Group Briefings with individual sessions for each employee.

Web-Based Communication and Enrollment (eElect) - Employers with a high density of geographically dispersed employees may choose to communicate benefits and enroll on line. Employees can access the eElect platform 24/7 from their home or office. This method has the added feature of offering an immediate and printable Total Compensation/Benefit Statement.

Toll-Free Access Call Center - Although eElect is designed to be a completely self-contained communication and enrollment platform, your employees will be reassured by the availability of human contact to back up the technology. During a web-based open enrollment our Customer Service Representatives are available telephonically to answer questions and assist your employees in using eElect.

Payroll Deduction Reports - At the conclusion of open enrollment we collate all forms and data for transmittal to insurance carriers and prepare Payroll Deduction Reports for the HR Department. These spreadsheets list each employee, their benefits selection and the corresponding payroll deduction amount per payroll cycle.

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