eElect-Electronic Data Interface (EDI)
This system provides a single electronic point of entry for all insurance products. Benefit elections, which can be made 24/7 from your home or office, are fed electronically to multiple insurance carriers' eligibility data banks and to the employer's payroll system. eElect ensures that the insurance carrier invoices and your payroll deductions will always match the actual lines of coverage elected by the employee.

At the heart of making electronic enrollments work is the blending of technology with MSI's intimate knowledge of the insurance plans being enrolled. The system can be programmed to adjust for waiting periods, payroll cycles, late entrants, age band changes on life insurance and a host of other life events. All programming and data mapping is performed by MSI EMPLOYEES who are trained in the insurance products being enrolled. As is the case for all other MSI services, the eElect electronic enrollment platform is offered at NO COST to our clients.

Features and capabilities of eElect:

eElect is "HIPAA 834" compliant which is the federal government standard for electronic insurance eligibility data formatting

True EDI (Electronic Data Interface). Information is mapped directly into the eligibility data base of the appropriate insurance carrier. (Please note that this feature in itself is a crucial distinction not to be confused with so called "web-based enrollments" or "internet eligibility" capabilities, both of which require subsequent data entry or manipulation and thus vulnerable to errors.)

Simultaneously, eElect feeds the payroll deduction elections of the employee directly into the employer payroll system.

MSI performs the extensive "data mapping" needed to accomplish these automatic data feeds / EDI.

The employee can view detailed on-screen explanation of benefits and costs of each line of coverage and is assisted throughout by a MSI benefit counselor.

Employee Benefit Statements are automatically generated at the conclusion of each enrollment. The Employee Benefit Statement itemizes the employee's benefit elections, the corresponding employee cost per pay period and per year and also itemizes the employer cost for each benefit.

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