Benefits Consulting
We leverage our extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise to offer private and public sector employers consulting services whose ultimate purpose is to enable each employer to deploy a robust employee benefits program which supports the constant need to recruit, retain and motivate top quality employees while adhering to financial constraints and objectives.

Common topics for review and recommendations include:

  • Employer objectives and requirements
  • Employer budget and financial goals
  • Benchmark benefits and costs by industry and region
  • Employee attitudes and expectations (customized employee surveys)

Plan design analysis and recommendations

  • Leverage competition from all suitable national and regional carriers and re-insurers
  • Advocacy with Incumbent Carriers
    - Review current plans for competitiveness
    - Analyze fixed costs (administration / re-insurance)
    - Audit incumbent carrier assumptions affecting cost
    (Inflation/trend, network discounts, regional comparisons)
    - Evaluate incumbent carrier utilization management
    - Offer opportunity to incumbents to reduce fees/rates
  • Plan design changes
    - Network evaluation by location / region
    - Deductibles, Co-pays, Coinsurance (consider industry benchmarks)
    - Dual option / Multiple options
    - Explore feasibility of introducing Health Savings Account (HSA)
    - Explore feasibility of introducing Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
    - Disease Management Programs
    - Wellness Programs
  • Employee contribution changes
    - Review employer contribution history / employee expectations
    - Consider national / regional industry benchmarks
    - Analyze employer cost / employee cost / possible adverse selection
    - Explore segmenting employee contributions by region / employment class / length of service
  • Eligibility
    - Review employer policy on working spouse eligibility
    - Evaluate timely cancellation of terminated employees’ benefits
    - Calculate savings impact of lengthened Employee Waiting Period
    - Audit for fraud and unintentional errors as they relate to eligibility

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